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My story truly began the moment I realized that my lack of love for myself was affecting the relationships around me. Going on my journey of self-love allowed me to not only show up more authentically in my own life, but also strengthened my marriage, my relationships with family, and with others. At that moment, I had never felt so much joy, passion, and purpose in my life. When I learned the skills and tools that helped me truly love myself, I knew that this was something that other women desperately needed in their own lives.  I refined my own self-love journey into a process and began my coaching business.  Now, I have helped 100’s of women realize what true self-love looks like.

Before I could help women develop deep inner self-love and pursue a purpose filled life , I had to do the work first...

I now get to pass on what I know to future generations Now, as a grandmother to three amazing granddaughters, I get to model for them what it looks like to grow up loving yourself for who you authentically are. 
It hasn’t always been easy, and the journey is never complete.  However, the journey of self-love is one of the most rewarding journeys you’ll ever go on.

Fast forward to today, I decided to start my business Lori McAfee Coaching to help women reclaim their power by knowing and loving themselves in order to build the life that they truly want. I knew there had to be thousands if not millions, of women who are in the same place right now. The sad thing is we haven't been given the tools to really know ourselves, appreciate ourselves, and even love ourselves. I've made it my personal mission to help as many women find their deep inner self-love all rooted in God's perfect image of us. 

I've coached hundreds of women to help them see how truly wonderful they are, and appreciate themselves as a daughter, wife, mom, and more importantly a woman. I've written my first book called, Burning Love which pulls on the same themes of self-worth, self-love, and remembering God is always on our side. My hope is that anyone who reads Buring Hope knows that even though we are inherently flawed, embracing God's love is the best decision to lead us to our most fulfilled life. 

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