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The Tears of Jesus: A Personal Journey Through Holy Week

Every year, as Holy Week unfolds, I walk familiar paths of reflection and tradition. Yet, this season, as I read through the events of Holy Week, a single moment halted me in my tracks, casting everything in a new light. It's a moment recorded in the Gospel of Luke, where Jesus, overlooking Jerusalem, weeps for the city. Though familiar, this passage hit me hard as if it was the first time my eyes had ever read it.

"And when he drew near and saw the city, he wept over it, saying, 'Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes.'" - Luke 19:41-42

In those tears, I saw a reflection of my oversights — the times I failed to recognize the daily peace Jesus offers. His sorrow wasn't just for Jerusalem's blindness but for every heart that missed the depth of His love and sacrifice. It made me wonder, in the hustle of our lives and even in our Easter preparations of the perfect Easter outfit, dinners, egg hunts, baskets full of goodies for the little ones, do we miss the heart of what Jesus is offering? Sadly, I will say YES!

This revelation led me to a place of deep soul-searching. How often have I overlooked the peace in my trials, the love woven through my every day, or the sacrifices made for my freedom in Christ? Jesus wept for a city that missed the time of its visitation, for a people who couldn't see the manifestation of peace right in front of them. His heart broke for what could have been. This Easter, I felt a call not to let another moment pass me by unacknowledged.

Because of this, I felt compelled to experience Holy Week differently. It's not just about the events; it's about truly allowing them to transform me.

Here are some ideas I'm exploring to deepen my reflection and response:

  • Intentional Quiet Time:  Each day of Holy Week, I'm setting aside moments of quiet to meditate on Jesus' journey to the cross, focusing especially on His compassion and sorrow for those who missed His message. It's a time to ask, "Where might I be overlooking His presence in my life?"
  • Scripture Immersion:  Dedicate time to reading and meditating on the events of Jesus' final week. Explore the Gospels to see different perspectives on each event. Then, sit silently (try it without distractions) and allow the words to sink into your heart. Ask God to reveal new insights and applications for your life.  
  • Journaling the Journey:   Writing has always been a way for me to process and connect deeper with God's truths. This week, I'm journaling my reflections on the Scripture passages that detail Jesus' final week. How do His actions and words speak into my life today? What does it mean for me that He wept for those who were lost? Where am I missing it?
  • Fasting and Prayer:   Choose a day to fast during Holy Week, use mealtime to pray and reflect on Jesus' sacrifice, or when you feel the urge to scroll, pray and reflect instead. Both spiritual disciplines draw us closer to God and our reliance on Him because all distractions and dependencies are on Him.  
  • Sharing the Story: I'm compelled to share the story of this moment—Jesus’ weeping over Jerusalem—with others. Whether through conversations, social media, email, or this blog, there's power in testifying to the moments that have moved us. By sharing, we deepen our reflections and invite others into their own stories and how important our stories are. 

This Holy Week, my heart is set on not just passing through these days as annual observances but truly engaging with Jesus's pure love and sorrow. It's a call to move beyond the surface, to let His tears over Jerusalem stir us to a deeper awareness of His presence and peace in our lives.

As we walk through these Holy days, let's open ourselves to the transformative power of Jesus' love. Let's not miss the peace He offers, the love He extends, and the life He gives. This Holy Week, may we all come to see with clearer eyes and respond with fuller, transformed hearts.

Hope and love,




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