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Words Said in Silience

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2023

“Lori, get that look off your face!”


I remember sitting on the arm of the sofa at my grandmother’s on Christmas several years ago when my sister brought to my attention that my face was saying what my mind was thinking.

Several new faces were walking through the door, and I couldn’t put it all together.  I wasn’t in a reality puzzle. It was Christmas, the happiest season of all….right?  All I had to do was enjoy the moment and be fully present.

I learned a valuable lesson that night.  Others hear what I can’t see that I am saying but I said it without saying a word. I said it in silence!

Most of us are alike.  Our facial expression, eye movement, personal space, and overall body language speaks for us. 


When you are silent, what are you saying?


The truth is that even when we are saying anything, just listening, or maybe even a million miles away mentally.  We are sending nonverbal messages.

With lots of Christmas shindigs, self-awareness of what’s being said when we are silent will enable us to improve our non-verbal communication.

The number one non-verbal form of communication goes to…..facial expressions.  The face can communicate emotions ranging from fear, anger, sadness, and disgust to joy, excitement, and happiness.

Another powerful nonverbal form of communication is being sent from the eyes.  Whether you are listening well or checked out is revealed through eye contact.  A good listener maintains eye contact, which shows respect and that you are interested.  The eyes tell a story about the person’s friendliness, trustworthiness, sincerity, credibility, and persuasiveness.   It is said, “the eyes are a window to the soul.”

And lastly, how close are you standing?  People protect their personal space.  Eighteen inches to four feet is personal space reserved for the most intimate relationships. Past twelve feet, that is social space, and beyond that, well, it is for the rest of the world.  How much space is consumed is a wordless communication based on how one feels about another.

Now you can be aware of a few non-verbal forms of communication that convey a message of what is being said in silence.


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