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That Deliberate Turn


I pulled into the parking lot, unable to recall the drive in. An afterthought jolted me: a big yellow bus full of kids with a flashing red stop sign extended. I sped by without acknowledging its existence.

"How had I gotten here?"

That was my thought when I wheeled in on two, landing on four. As I slid into the office...autopilot, I was living on autopilot, never touching down until I crashed into the next thing head-on.

Autopilot, it's the same thing: predictable, expectant, comfortable, and dangerous. I was living in the danger zone with metal under tension, begging to touch and go, heading into another day in the twilight zone.

I sat in my car that day and re-played the event as it flashed RED through my mind. This fast-paced, auto-pilot life had to be disconnected because I had become disengaged mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

As I reflected upon the event, I realized that my life on autopilot was a close cousin to complacency, a spiritual slumber where...

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